Lebanon Country Club's menu is newly revamped! We have modernized the menu and added many items that have been recently requested. The menu does provide some stability from month to month and also features weekly specials, such as our Chef’s New and Fresh Creations ! The specials are available until sold-out. The current menus are as noted (see links), plus our wine list, which is found here:  WINE LIST

The menu also lists the wines available by the bottle, by the glass, and any featured cocktails. The current beers-on-tap selection is found on the chalkboard by the bar in the Pine Room Pub, or ask your server for the current offerings.

Most of the dining areas have the same menu, however, on occasion there can be differences in outdoor and indoor dining spaces.

In addition to monthly specials, there are special event menus for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Summer Barbecue, etc. These are listed as "Social Events" and require signup (RSVP's) in advance.

We encourage your feedback and suggest that you try something you might not have tried before.