Lebanon Country Club

In early 1920, Mr. Charles Killinger, Esq. and Mr. Jim Shenk were appointed by a group of prominent citizens to find a suitable location for a country club and golf course. Killinger & Shenk selected the adjoining farms of Abraham B. Horst and Samuel B. Horst, each with 100 acres, as a desirable location. The close proximity of these properties to the only public transportation, the Hershey Electric Railway, made them a prime choice.

The club project site was agreed upon at a cost of  $40,000. Development of the site was authorized during a charter meeting at the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce on March 31, 1920. The project was estimated to cost an additional $60,000. Barn improvements were proposed to house and facilitate club activities. The lower floor would accommodate a gymnasium, a locker room, and a large dance floor was planned for the second floor. The presence of a strong flowing stream on the property would aid in the construction of a swimming pool and skating pond.

On May 6, 1920, 18 men were elected to the Board of Governors, including: Warren G. Light, Esq., President; Jacob M. Shenk, Vice President; C. Oscar Bressler, Esq., Secretary; and Harry J. Shenk, Treasurer. On July 1, 1920, a meeting of the membership was held. The charter was accepted and the By-Laws adopted. The Club membership consisted of 160 family members, 57 single men, 17 single women, and 14 junior members.

There has been a lot of water over the dam and many golf balls in the creek since those memorable days in early 1920.