The Club encourages all members intending to play golf to book tee times. This facilitates proper staff preparation prior to your arrival and acts as a useful staffing tool on a weekly basis. Members benefit directly as clubs will be staged appropriately prior to arrival and ensuring service level expectations of the membership. The Golf Shop wants to make your experience enjoyable, and booking tee times makes that possible.

Members are allowed 14 days in advance to book tee times. Tee Times may be booked by calling the Golf Shop directly, or by utilizing the Clubs’ online Tee Time portal.

NOTE: The importance of booking tee times and providing daily visual access to the membership is to allow all members a live view of daily activity on the course. Is the course blocked for an outing or are there tee time restrictions due to a member event? Save yourself a wasted trip and book a tee time! 

Book Tee Time


  • If you are a single golfer that day and would like to join other members, you will see the open twosomes or threesomes.
  • If you are a foursome and don’t want to feel rushed, you will see where the open gaps are on the tee sheet.
  • Our Tee Time portal also allows each member to create a Buddy List. This takes minimal time and energy, but saves time when entering the portal to list names of players in the tee times you desire, particularly if booking for a group of eight or twelve.


We ask that when you bring guests, please make every effort to provide the accurate spelling of your guests’ names. This also allows the staff to prepare Guest Bag Tags to present upon arrival, an added touch of service to your day. Any group with guests must check into the Golf Shop Prior to teeing off. The hosting member is responsible for each guests’ proper attire.